Our Weekly Meditation

January 12, 2023

Our Weekly Meditation

“Thy will be done.”

The phrase jumped out at me while reciting the Lord’s Prayer: “Thy will be done.”

Then I remembered Jesus’ agonized prayer in the garden: “Neverthess, thy will be done.”

So, with what I hope was appropriate humility and respect, I decided suddenly (and perhaps impestuously) to make this my mantra for the day. 

How exciting! Letting God’s will be done in every aspect of my life. What a difference this will make!

I got about ten minutes in. 

Then life took over. 

“Thy will be done.” No, gotta make coffee. “Thy will be done.” Hey, I’m hungry. Time for breakfast. “Thy will be done.” No, it’s too cold outside. I’ll wear a parka. “Thy will be done.” I wonder what’s on television?

On and on it went, until I realized after about ten minutes how damn hard it is to let God truly enter into, and rule, our lives. When does God speak, and when am I speaking?  When is it MY will, and when is it THY will.

“Thy will be done.” 

Still working on it….

Pete Taft

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