Our Weekly Meditation

January 11, 2024

Our Weekly Meditation

We’ve just entered what the Church calls “Ordinary Time,” those weeks between our major celebrations – Christmas and Easter being the two most prominent – where we can enjoy the blessings of…well, doing nothing! 

No gifts to wrap, no carols to sing. No cards to write, no services to attend. Time on our hands to do what we want. How refreshing!

The Church suggests we spend some of our Ordinary Time reading about, and reflecting upon, the life of Jesus. I like that. And I also find in that a wonderful and deep wisdom. 

You see, the peace and quiet needed for, and produced by, such private reflection has, I think, as much power to change our lives as the grandest Christmas Eve service. God speaks to us in worship; but He also whispers to us in prayer.

As our new year reveals itself, may you find the time, place and circumstance (a crackling fire helps!) to deepen your faith in this most extraordinary thing called Ordinary Time. 

Godspeed in 2024!

Pete Taft 

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