Welcome to St. Andrew’s!

At St. Andrew’s, we welcome everyone who seeks to experience God (in some way) – and we respect the dignity of every human being. Whether you are a year-round Islander, a summer resident or guest, or a first-time visitor, we very much hope you enjoy your time with us. Come as you are, come be who you are, and see!

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Photo by Michael Blanchard 2021


Would you like to join us for Sunday service, wherever you are?
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Learn more about our new Bible Study.  ALL are welcome!

From the Rector An opportunity to Change Your Life 3-22-22



In June, we remember with love,

Robert and Cornelia Tami Pine Willette

John and Loretta Pine,

Walter C. Smith, Jr., Laura Colby Cimeno

Jenna Pothier

Ray Walter Mitchell, Thurlow G. Rogers

Marian Della McDougall

John Jay Angevin

George Dean, Jeffrey R. Pratt

in whose loving memory the altar flowers are given.


Breakfast in Between Flyer Mar 2022


Commit to join us for some fun each Sunday morning, between services, for “Breakfast-in-Between” (coffee, tea, and breakfasty-things to nosh), beginning Sunday, March 6 (anytime between 9:00—9:50 am)—and perhaps, even MORE wonderful:


Commit to serve us by signing up to make our weekly “Breakfast-in-Between” happen!  (email the church office if you are interested at office@standrewsmv.org)