Vestry of St.Andrews

OUR VESTRY 2021-2022

Carl Malmquist (Warden)                                        

Barbara Rush (Warden)               

Mardi Moran  (Treasurer)

Laura Noonan  (Clerk)                                                       

Andrea Bolling

Bonnie Deitz

Christine White

Mathew Tombers                                   

Poli Wilson                                                                 

Palmer Marrin 

Warden’s Report 2020

To the parishioners of our beloved St. Andrew’s Church,

I am sure that every parishioner will agree that this has been a year to remember.  We were able to attend church services for only three months of the year. We missed being in the St. Andrew’s church building for, Lent, Holy Week, Easter, and Christmas services.  We were unable to have funeral services except for grave-side committal and with only 10 to 12 family members.  There were no baptisms, weddings or other gatherings or meetings except on Zoom.

Thankfully, we were blessed to have Poli Wilson step forward and volunteer to film the weekly services. It took Fr.Chip and a lot of logistics to make this all happen.  The services were taped on Thursday which meant the flowers had to be put on the altar on Wednesdays. The taping of  parishioners reading  the lessons and  Griffin McMahon playing the organ or piano and singing during the service, were taped separately and all edited later by Poli. The service was posted on U-Tube by Sunday morning. We were also blessed to have Sean McMahon sing and play several instruments at some of the services.

Along with the video services, parishioners have been posting Daily Meditations on email.  A big thank you to Fr. Chip, Cynthia Hubbard, Mardi Moran, Palmer Marrin, Andrea Bolling, Sara Barrington, Laura Noonan and Wes Mott for all the meditations.

We have been unable to enjoy all the church renovations completed last year and this year and outreach functions like the “Monday night suppers” were unable to happen.  The “House’s of Grace” winter program for the homeless was also unable to happen this year at St. Andrew’s but the island community came together and was able to pick up this program which is being held at the Whaling Church.

One of the biggest losses here at St. Andrew’s has been the reVision program which had finished all the input. Most recommendations for programs were unable to start.  Hopefully we will be able to pick up the pieces in the near future.  We thank all those parishioners who participated in the program.

Personally, I would like to say that working with Mardi Moran as a warden for part of this year

was such a blessing.  When Wesley Brown retired from being our Treasurer for so many years, Mardi Moran stepped forward to take over that position.  We can’t say enough for all the years Wesley gave to St. Andrew’s church.   Thank you, thank you, thank you Wesley!

Thanks also goes to Barbara Rush for filling the warden’s position when Mardi left to become treasurer. 

 We wish all the parishioners a very blessed new year and that we will all be able to enjoy the return to church services and activities in person very soon!!


Carl Malmquist, Warden


Dear Parishioners,

We are reaching out to you during this difficult time in our lives, where things are frightening and so uncertain. First of all, we want to thank you for being part of our community. You are important to us and we want you to know that you are all appreciated and in our prayers.

On the island, we are sheltering in place, scurrying around grocery stores, trying to avoid each other, which is so unlike us. We look like we are attending a Robbers Convention with all our masks in place and very grateful to all the workers who are coming to work, in spite of their concerns.

In this space, where so many of us are unable to work or go out, there seems to be an opportunity to connect with our spiritual side. Allowing ourselves to be still and gaze at something outside our window that connects us to our gorgeous planet, or writing a spiritual journal which can help us to sort out the torrent of feelings we are experiencing. Perhaps finding some uplifting poetry or prose that will help transcend the anxiety we are all feeling. You probably have many more exercises that you can employ but these are a few that we use. We hope the Daily Meditations we send out help.

As we look at the Parish List, we see that we are all scattered around our country. We see lists of states where more and more people are sick and dying. We think of you there and we pray for your safety. Knowing that God is with us can be a great comfort.

We pray for you daily, praying that you remain healthy and are not too financially burdened in this unprecedented time. We are grateful for your participation at St. Andrew’s and have faith that we will get through this and will be together soon.

If you or someone you care about is in need of prayers, let us know and we will add them to our Prayer List.

Blessings, Mardi Moran and Carl Malmquist, Wardens


Wardens:    Carl Malmquist and Mardi Moran

Treasurer:   Wesley Brown

Parish Clerk:      Christine White

Members at Large: Chris Buchholz, Michael Balay, Andrea Bolling, Bonnie Deitz, Jessica Buckley and Barbara Rush

The vestry is the governing body of the parish.  There is a total of nine members, led by two co-wardens.  These volunteers are nominated and elected by parishioners at our annual meeting at the end of each January and usually serve for a period of 1-3 years.  Our vestry meets monthly to discuss the “business” of the parish and addresses items that need attention.  These agenda items may concern the budget, the facilities, and plans and visions for the parish.  Decisions are made collectively by voting.  Each vestry member has a vote.  We encourage parishioners to stay engaged in the work of the parish.  Vestry meetings are open to the parish and parishioners are encouraged to speak with vestry members to learn about the work of the church and to share their own ideas and concerns.  Vestry minutes are available after each monthly meeting.


To the parishioners of our beloved St. Andrew’s Church,

It is with great joy that I report on our year together.  2019 has proven to be an exciting year with much to be thankful for! To start, The Parish Hall project is almost complete.  The renovation is splendidly handsome and functional.  The altar guild has been heard gushing over their workspace and it is hard not to comment on the craftsmanship as one passes through the vestibule into the common space. Thank you to everyone for their patience in seeing this project through. Extra special thanks goes to Father Chip and Heather Anne, the Choir and the Altar and Flower Guilds for making accommodations during the construction. 

The sanctuary also got a lift with a beautifully inlaid altar floor and a brand new sound system that I think everyone has benefitted from.  Thank you to Carl Malmquist, Wesley Brown, Leon Brathwaite and Joe Klien for their work on these projects.  In store for 2020 is a fresh carpet for the aisle and repairs to the bell tower.  Collectively we have committed to a vision of St. Andrew’s moving assuredly into the future, strong and without crumbling. We are blessed to be able to properly care for this beautiful church. 

Another milestone of 2019 was the adoption of “reVision”.  Meeting weekly in small groups to enrich and enlighten our spiritual lives turned out to be a worthwhile investment to those who participated.  New friendships and a greater sense of belonging were just two of the positive outcomes of the program.  This small group work will continue into 2020 as we seek to energize our time together and reach out into the community with Christ’s message of love.

To all of you who make Christ visible in the world by embracing an attitude of acceptance and by gracefully giving of your time: thank you. It has been an honor to work alongside you.  I am also grateful for the work of our faithful Rector, Father Chip, and my devoted fellow Warden, Carl Malmquist.

Thank you for the opportunity to have served as a Warden of St. Andrew’s,

Jessica Buckley