Lay Ministries

ChoirOur choir, led by our Music Director, Griffin McMahon, rehearses Thursday at 5:00 p.m. and performs at our late service every Sunday and for occasional services throughout the year. Everyone is invited to sing in the choir!Our Choir members:Bonnie Deitz, Claudia Metell, Susan Wilson, Caroline Evans, Shelley Brown, Carolyn Flynn, Cheryl DeWitt, Michael Balay and Wesley BrownAltar GuildWith great care and attention, our Altar Guild readies our church for worship each week as well as for weddings, baptisms, and funerals. Setting the Lord’s table for our communion every week is such a sweet and loving ministry!Altar Guild 2019“All good things come to those who wait” became the mantra for the Altar Guild this past year.  From first moving supplies out of the Sacristy, to moving into the hallway for the summer, and then finally into the old mission shop, the Altar Guild members made do with limited space, storage, equipment, water and convenience all while waiting for the Sacristy to be completed.Now it is finally done and what a space it is.  By definition a Sacristy is a room adjoining the church where vestments, altar hangings and linens, sacred vessels and liturgical books are kept for use in worship.  In addition it is the place where the priest and attendants vest and prepare before the service. Our Sacristy now has an abundance of cabinet and drawer space to keep all of our items in, ample counter space to work on, and lights galore including the closet where the chasubles are kept.  The beauty that was created in this space gives the altar guild members a place to prepare the Lord’s meal that is serene and tranquil and fitting for the task.We have moved the majority of our supplies, linens, etc. into the new Sacristy and now are in the process of inventorying all of our supplies and identifying what items are needed.  We still have to move the altar frontals into the newly designed cabinets in the Parish Hall that will hold them.  That work will be completed shortly.  We are fortunate to have ample funds in our account to make some purchases of necessary linen items.We also are fortunate to recently have Barb Rush join the Altar Guild.  Kevin McFarland is taking a hiatus from his duties and we thank him for his service over the past years, and Marcia Fenn will be relocating to Florida in June, her guidance, knowledge and service will be missed.  Our other Altar Guild members include Jessica Buckley, Bonnie Deitz, Pam and Ron Monterosso, Annette Smith, Hans and Susan Von Steiger, Claire Thatcher, and Joy Washbrook.  As always we can use additional members to provide this very valuable and rewarding ministry.The Altar Guild provides a quiet, peaceful way to serve St. Andrew’s, it’s the behind the scenes work of making each worship service possible and as perfect as possible.  It is now being done in a beautiful, serene and functional space.  Come join us and see!Respectfully submitted,Marcia Fenn and Pamela Lindgren MonterossoFlower GuildEach week the members of the Flower Guild purchase and arrange the flowers for worship and for occasional services. Another caring ministry, and what a delight to work with God’s beautiful flower creations!Flower Guild 2019The Flower Committee is a branch of the Altar Guild that provides the altar flowers for Sunday services and holiday services.  Members of the committee during 2019 were Donna Blackburn, Shelley Brown, Jessica Buckley, Alison Convery, Jennifer Kennedy, Kathleen Malmquist, Mary Ellen Partel, Heather Anne Slayton, and Barbara Watts. Mary Ellen Partel helps us in the summer when Shelley Brown takes a leave.Many thanks to everyone for the creative and attractive arrangements.  Special thanks to Shelley and Wesley Brown for the Christmas and Easter displays and to Carl Malmquist, Michael Brady and Chris Buchholtz for hanging the Christmas greens and taking them down again. Donna Blackburn did a lovely Palm Sunday display and there was a Thanksgiving arrangement this year for the Thanksgiving morning service.A special thank you to Wesley Brown for serving as Treasurer and to Shelley Brown for keeping track of the donors.New members are always welcome.  Please speak to Heather Anne or myself if you are interested.Respectfully submitted, Kathleen Malmquist, Flower Committee ChairmanLay Leaders and Eucharistic Ministers—help during worship itself, every Sunday and occasional services. Lay Leaders help by reading a lesson, leading the Psalm, and helping the Celebrant at the altar; Eucharistic Ministers tend the chalice during holy communion. Each role requires the participant to be licensed—and each is so rewarding!
Lectors and Prayer Leaders—Lectors read one of the Scripture lessons each Sunday, and Prayer Leaders lead the congregation in the Prayers of the People each week. A wonderful ministry!
Ushers—help out with the movements (and seating) of the parishioners, collecting the offering, and by bringing up the elements (bread and wine) during holy communion. An important and rewarding ministry!Greeters—are those who pay special attention to visitors and guests and do all they can to make them feel at home! You’ll see them after worship on the way out, and in the Parish Hall, at Coffee Hour.
Acolytes—typically (but not necessarily) roles filled by our faithful adolescent and teen disciples, our acolytes bear the cross, light and extinguish candles, and assist the Celebrant at the altar during holy communion. A true blessing to our church!