A Meditation

June 17, 2021

So I know we have ended the daily meditations but this act of kindness was just too wonderful to go unnoticed.

My husband, David, our dog, Sherlock, and I were heading off island to visit a friend in Maine we have not seen in over a year.

We could not take our car due to the hacking debacle with the ferries.

We also had to take a 40×50 wooden crate to a friend who was meeting us in Woods Hole.

A longtime friend, who knows we never do anything easy, gave us a ride to the boat and helped us get the crate to the luggage cart and then get our 3 bags.

We settled into the boat ride trying to figure out how to get all our items to the terminal when we arrived…

When we got to the luggage cart we got the bags off and David and I struggled to get the crate off the cart. It was clear Sherlock was going to be no help….

Then the husband of a young couple with 2 children asked if he could help. Which left me with Sherlock and 3 bags, till he got back. Then the mother asked, “Do you want some help?” She had her own hands full with luggage and children, but she had one of her daughters pull one bag and she pulled one. That left Sherlock pulling me and the last bag. Sherlock has one speed, full steam ahead.

I thanked them profusely and had no idea if they were trying to make a bus or where they might be going.  But it left me with such a wonderful feeling that they were willing to help us. A couple with an energetic dog who clearly overestimated their abilities of what they could or should carry!

So I spent the rest of last weekend reciprocating, with small acts of kindness whenever I could. It is so easy and doesn’t take long and makes people feel so grateful, especially me!

As summer approaches, we are already feeling harried and annoyed, and it’s only June. Take a minute and let that car go through the intersection, or help someone struggling with a bag or directions.

Take a deep breath and enjoy.

“In everything do to others as you would have them do to you….”

Mathew 7:12

With love,

Palmer Marrin

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