Our Weekly Meditation 8-3-23

August 3, 2023

Our Daily Meditation

Who are we?

Richard Rohr’s July 30th, 2023, Daily Meditation

Nonviolence Begins Within

“As long as we bring to our actions a violence that primarily exists within ourselves, nothing really changes. The future is always the same as the present. That’s why we have to change the present.”

Richard Rohr’s Daily Meditation Aug.1, 2023

“Building Beloved Community is not about loving the people who are easy to love. It is about cultivating love for those that are difficult to love. Those people over there. The others.”

Are we as a church a beloved community or trying to build a beloved community?

A group of parishioners are studying a wonderful book called Invite Welcome Connect by Mary Foster Parmer

The late Archbishop Desmond Tutu has a beautiful saying that speaks to this:

” We say in our African idiom, ‘A person is a person through other persons.’

” We are placed on this earth to discover that we are made for togetherness, for interdependence, for complementarity.”

I think we are a community that is longing for connectedness. Covid made us lose our way and we are fighting to come back.

If we open our hearts and minds and listen to each other’s stories we have so much in common.

To love God, our community, and each other.

So, I invite you to come to St Andrew’s worship, share breakfast-in-between, share your stories, and hear ours. 

In Faith,

Palmer Marrin

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