Showing charity for one another

To all the wonderful folks at Saint Andrew’s,

On behalf of Fr. Chip, The Rev. Cynthia Hubbard and the Laboratory of Love group at St. Andrew’s, we would like to invite each of you to review the heartfelt letters of support received by St. Andrew’s in response to the emergency needs of 50 Venezuelan immigrants for shelter, food and human services on the dates of September 14th,15th and 16th.  

These letters share heartfelt and direct testimony to the power of upholding Jesus’ message in today’s world. Especially the need to show charity for one another! Please come to this Sunday’s service at 8 am or 10 am and, following the 10 am service, stay for our potluck Breakfast-in-Between which will continue until noon. There will be stations in the Parish Hall for writing and mailing thank you notes to the over 200 people who felt called to share their messages of support. Even if you have time for one thank you note, your heart will be filled with the testimony to the living Word.   If you cannot come in person this Sunday, please respond to this email and we will get information and materials out to you. 

Letter writing is an effort that is not overlooked by the recipient.  Please stay tuned for additional letter writing campaigns offered at St. Andrew’s during the holidays and advent for the people of Ukraine, the U.S. Armed forces and for churches who are opening their doors to immigrants around the world.  

Laura Noonan

A note from Cynthia Hubbard:

This morning, I had the opportunity to look through some of the large stack of maybe almost 200 cards that were sent to Saint Andrews with checks to help with the care of the 48 Venezuelan migrants who landed on our doorstep. They are truly remarkable. Here is just a sampling. Many, you will note, are from people in Florida!

 “ to the wonderful people at Saint Andrews – Thank you for treating the migrants as people. It is what God would have done“

 “Bless all of you at Saint Andrews for all you are doing to help these migrants.  I hope this check will help a little.” (a parishioner from Ithaca, New York.)

“God bless you and your ministry. Sorry our governor is not an easy guy to work with.“

 “Please use this to help the refugees kicked out of Florida by our ‘lovely’ governor. Thank you for truly doing God’s work that a governor could not exercise God‘s grace when he had the chance. He says he’s Christian but I have yet to really see it. Hope this helps some. Best I could do. God bless you and your family.“

 “A little help from a Floridian (ashamed) thank you for your loving help and compassion. “

 Interestingly, Heather Anne also reports many telephone calls from people in the sunshine state.

In any event, we want to acknowledge all these people who felt moved to send financial assistance for the migrants. To that end, we are inviting you to come to the potluck breakfast between the services and/or stay after the 10 o’clock service this Sunday to personalize a thank you card or two, and address and stamp envelopes. These notes are so touching that we want all of you to be able to share in the reading of them.  Let’s make this a parish-wide event as we are reminded of Jesus’ call to care for the least among us.

See you Sunday!


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