From the Rector: Our Heavy Prayers for Today May 25, 2022

To my dear brothers and sisters in faith:

Today our hearts are so heavy.  Little sneakers, tiny desks, classroom walls spilling colors and finger-paints and the artsy creations of wee fingers and boundless imaginations.

Unspeakable horror.  Heartbreak that will roil and roll through the lives of too, too many.  Forever.  Gunshot holes blown right through whole families, emanating  trauma, despair, anxiety, depression, and fear for a long, long time.

Unrequited love…parent and child… forever.


Our God in Christ walked with us and shared our human lives—in our joys, in our loving, in our healing, and in our growing—and in our suffering, our despair, our very tears.  

Our God is not absent.  Our God is with them, and us, in each and every moment of our lives, inviting us to pray, to reach out, to love, to help, to serve.

To move.  To grow.

Our job, I think, is to recognize what part of this has to do with us, and which we must leave up to God.

Which are our Sins of co-mission, and Sins of o-mission?

Shall we continue to bear the sins of o-mission by our inaction?  At what point can we say, in our chosen method of self-governance, that we are actually co-mmitting these actions?


Prayer always helps, and in its mysterious way, always works somehow, even in ways we may never see.  Or recognize.

It is in our prayer life that we discover where God hopes we will be, every one of us.

There may be action, but there always must be prayer.


So let us pray these three things:

May almighty God grant us forgiveness of all our sins and the grace and comfort of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.

Lord God, in the beginning of creation you called forth light to dispel the darkness that lay upon the face of the deep:  Deliver your servants from the power of evil and illumine us with the light of your presence, that with open eyes and glad hearts we may worship you and serve you, now and for ever.  Amen.

And give us strength, and courage, and resolve, O Lord we pray, to make things right, and to bring about peace.  If we tend to fold under stress and fear, O God, stir in us the image of Jesus, who stumbled and fell under the weight of his cross, but who rose to carry it to his appointment with you.  Give us courage to stand up and be counted; to stand for those who cannot stand for themselves; and to stand for ourselves when it is needed for us to do so. 


And may the blessing of God: Father, Son and Holy Spirit, be among you and remain with you, now and for ever.  


In the Name of Christ Jesus, we pray.

Father Chip+

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