Here’s what we suggest when you try us out for the first time:

• First off, keep an open mind. Just like trying out any group for the first time, you’ll be coming into something that’s been going on for a while without you. What’s going on won’t necessarily come to you right away. So clear your mind, relax, and just let it all happen. Try to be open to God.

• Don’t let yourself be fooled by tradition. For example, you might not be used to reading the order of worship out of a prayer book, or you might have little experience with taking communion. Given some time, these are the sorts of things that have a way of growing on people. Try to focus on the things that work for you and be open to new ways of prayer and worship. And feel free to ask questions.

• Make it a point to attend for a number of Sundays in a row, if you can, before you make any decisions about becoming a regular attendee. As with any group, you can’t really benefit or even necessarily understand unless you try it for a while. Things happen on some Sundays that don’t happen to others. Familiarizing yourself with worship and some other parishioners will help make your experience come alive. And you’ll love our Coffee Hours following worship!

• Fill out a pew card, if you’re willing, and ask for a brief (20 minute or so) visit from Father Chip, if you’d like. Let him know what your religious (or non-religious) background might be, and what you might like to see happen for you at St. Andrew’s.

• If you have young children, please know they are welcome to be with you at all times during worship. You may find the Nursery useful (open to children through age 4), which is open at our late service each Sunday. Our greatest hope and prayer is that you’ll find our community of faith open and welcoming to you, and that this is a safe place to learn, grow, communicate, and share your faith with others. A great church can add so much to life, and we hope you find a home here that nourishes and excites you.